Bryan, Tommy, and I love toys. It’s what initially brought us together and has kept us friends for many years. Now when I say we love toys, I don’t say it casually. If we’re not admiring, hunting-down, buying, selling, or playing with toys, we’re making them…even when we’re not making them for Warpo or other toy companies. We’re always thinking about them, coming up with new ideas, and making all types of toys for ourselves and our friends. It’s just who we are and what we do. We’re toy makers. It’s in our DNA.k_packaging_presentationv3

So when it came time for Warpo’s sophomore offering, we thought it would be smart, important, and fun to do something completely different than our first toy line. Legends of Cthulhu let you know that we could do action figures…and do them right. So we had to show you that we could do something equally cool in a totally different format. We did a lot of research, each blew-out a bunch of different concepts with illustrations and descriptions; some really cool stuff. We batted them about but in the end, Krampus spoke to us like none of the others.

We’d been tracking the surge of Krampus interest in the U.S. for the last few years so we knew the timing was right, (see the barrage of Krampus movies that just so happen to coincide with out launch) but only when we imagined him as a toy from 1986, did the pieces fall into place.


He was going to be different than what today’s media and toy companies tend to do with their monster characters (that they didn’t used to do) which is make them perpetually cute…even when they’re SUPPOSED to be scary. To that end, we made sure that our Krampus is a true gross-out era monster with gnarly features like his bumpy nose, mottled skin, and fibrous horns. He isn’t afraid to look scary all of the time…especially when you try to cuddle him!

We also love him because he’s the anti-Christmas anti-hero. Elves on shelves beware! Krampus is coming to your house with a bundle of sticks, claws, and a burlap sack to show you who’s boss!


Finally, he’s pure 80’s, run-around-the-house toyetic play. As we re-imagined his back-story which you’ll read in our storybook (and listen to with our cassette tape add-on), he’s the bodyguard of good kids who won’t hesitate to put a little fear into the naughty ones. And the design of those naughty kids is pure MAD magazine and garbage pailesque fun.

We hope you dig Don’t Cuddle the Krampus. We know some of you wanted another line of vintage-inspired action figures like Legends of Cthulhu but we hope that you can also appreciate another type of toy that your little brother, sister, or even you would have loved to play with in the the late 1980’s. If I still haven’t convinced you, don’t worry, I think the action figure die-hards will be very happy with Warpo’s next product announcement. Until next time, thanks for staying awesome!

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Eric LeFeber
Vice President of Marketing / Owner
Warpo Toys


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